Image of icebergs in the water with grey clouds behind them and the sun reflecting off them and the water
Student Life

Launch of the 2022 Summer Research Scheme

It's official! As part of COP26 Newcastle University launched its Climate Leadership Scholarship scheme for undergraduate students The Climate Leadership Scholarships will support students to carry out research in areas that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These scholarships will enable students who have research potential to work alongside researchers (academics and PhD students) on summer vacation projects.   Scholarship holders will…

Virtual opportunities

Virtual internships offers free virtual work experience programmes, created by global companies including Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture and JP Morgan. Here you can gain new workplace skills and insights into various industries by completing ‘life-like’…
Student Life

Give it a Go!

How can you experience mud buggies, knitting classes or a Portuguese language taster without having to organise a thing? Through the Give it a Go programme at Newcastle University! Like many other universities around the country,…