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“At NUBS, I learnt how to..”

Haritima - At NUBS

It had been almost a year .. and forever since I started my MBA journey. A very eventful twelve months filled and spilling over at the edges with assignments, countless group and Skype team meetings and alternating between elation that I am finally working on my MBA dissertation and kicking myself in the shins as I ask myself why I put myself through grueling stuff like this. It had been a whole new world of knowledge sharing, discovery and growth. It had been a process of seeking to understand and retain knowledge gained and then moving a step further to More >

The road less traveled !

Haritima - the road less traveled by

The first two terms have passed by at lightning speed while exploring transition at Newcastle and NUBS! It only seems yesterday that we had our induction week and found all of ourselves a bit wary on what really to expect from this Full-time MBA Programme. Will it be crazy busy? Will I match up to my class mates? How will I ever pass in Accounting and Finance with distinction? Many more questions did go through my head early September last year. Looking back I can say that it is an amazing experience and I found myself blessed with a great More >

My placement @Gavurin

Gavurin _ Haritima

  Entering the big wide world of work can be daunting for any person, regardless of age, experience, how nice your employees are and especially when you’re used to the laid back student lifestyle for a while. But for me it has been the best and rewarding experience ever! After completing my placement as Business Development Analyst in North East Access to Finance and now successfully completing one month and still more to go with Gavurin as Business Data Analyst, I feel very fortunate to have been offered this placement; the opportunity to work with the Managing Director, Paul Miller alongside the team More >

Last party of the MBA’14

Haritima - MBA Last Party

    Last Thursday became one of my MBA experiences that I can never forget. Our MBA Programme Director and Secretary provided us all with a farewell party where we can all get together and enjoy our last remaining days of MBA to the fullest. Of course with any group of MBA’s the word ‘party’ is never too far away. The ‘work hard, play hard’ motto must have been created by an MBA student, as it is the two things b-school students do so well. And that day was no excuse. The evening started with the group chat with the More >

Nearly the end, but just the beginning


After having studied for.. [how long?] 17 years, it feels incredibly unreal to be finishing with being involved in formal education. What’s coming next? I don’t yet know, but whilst I have to admit that I am scared of the unknown that my future currently is, I am also incredibly excited. We all choose our pathways towards university based on an idea of what careers we want and what we wish to achieve, but how do you know when you’re ready? At times, I still feel like I’m just a child who’s still discovering the world, but then I realise More >

Welcoming the dawn of my Placement at North East Access to Finance Ltd

North East Access to Finance Ltd

  All the hard work has paid off. I battled through the application process, I was on fire in the interviews and I’ve landed myself the much coveted placement in North East Access to Finance Ltd (NEA2F) after four rounds of the selection process. Of course this calls for a celebration, but the biggest and the real work is yet to come! It begins as I being the new kid at work, prepare for the nerve-wracking coming months which is the real test. You will want to make a good impression and this can be a scary prospect, so I am More >

My internship at Parker Hannifin


My internship at Parker Hannifin is now officially over and looking back I realise how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to be selected for it. I worked in a team of two in close collaboration with another postgraduate student being supervised by the Market Development Manager who always managed to stir up our enthusiasm by showing us the impact that our small scale projects were making at a corporate level and presenting the bigger picture of our work. This not only helped us gain a better understanding of the corporation and the way things were being done, More >

Just another week at the office.


An eventful week in Newcastle is about to end leaving me with numerous photos and memories that I am now very happy to have. On Monday, I was told that St Patricks’ Day was being celebrated which I had known nothing about before. I ended up going to an Irish pub singing Irish songs alongside other people that were there, in a very friendly and homely atmosphere. On Wednesday, the Business School held its Gain a Global Advantage event where guest speakers from major corporations came to share their knowledge and experience with the NUBS students in a variety of More >

My academic experience as a postgraduate student

business school

In two days from now, I will have started the second term of my Masters degree. All my blog entries so far discussed experiences related to employability skills and work opportunities, but I have just realised that I never posted anything about my academic experience. I do not know when the first term finished, as I still feel like I have just started studying on this programme. People say that when you’re busy, time flies by quicker and it might be true, because I was very busy indeed. From what I understood so far, Newcastle University is very much focused on More >

Taking the Inside Track with Global Experience Opportunity

Event Poster

On Tuesday 3rd December, I had finished my lectures at 4.30pm and it was time to go home. Except on this particular day, I decided to take a detour and go to the first Global Experience Opportunity event of this academic year: “Take the inside track to becoming globally employable”. Being in my final year at university, I knew this could be a useful and thought-provoking session that would only benefit the ever-closer reality of my future career. I arrived, typically in a rush and slightly late, and was taken aback by how packed the room was! There was a More >