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Marketing the Space Industry


By Bradley Smith, BSc Marketing Marketing isn’t a career usually associated with the space industry. We normally think of engineers, astronauts and physicists. But marketing has and will continue to play a vital role in space exploration. The Apollo programme was ‘one of the most successful marketing and public relation campaigns in history’ with 94% of American households tuning into watch the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Studying Marketing at Newcastle University has provided me with the skills and experiences to pursue a job in the space sector. Opportunities have included a 6 month internship at SPACE India based More >

Newcastle University Entrepreneurs – The 2014/2015 Speaker Series, And A Successful Year In Hindsight


The society’s Speaker Series is an event for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to learn from like-minded individuals with more experience, who have already achieved a high degree of success in their own businesses. Our goal was to create an environment where our audience could explore the speakers’ journeys like they would an open book, analysing and learning from both their successes and failures, while also having the opportunity to ask questions and get specific advice tailored to their own individual case. The event started from one simple idea: if an aspiring entrepreneur duplicates the actions and mind-sets of successful More >

Alumni Relations Officer Internship

rowanne blog 1

My name’s Rowanne and I’m the current Alumni Relations Officer for the Newcastle University Business School.  I’m pretty much a typical Business Management Student and like everyone else I wanted a placement year to boost my CV which at that point only contained a choice selection of awful summer jobs in theme parks and hotels. Unlike my friends I was rather laid back in my application only completing six applications for jobs I was passionate about. My housemate at the time had applied for so many by the time her 15th interview rolled round she was turning up to interviews More >

BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management to Corporate Relations Officer

kormani blog

My name is Kormani Fredericks; I am an international student originally from Liberia but grew up in Kenya. I travelled half way around the world to the United Kingdom in search of a quality, world class education. Brought up with the belief that success is the direct result of hard work, I have always done my best to excel. I worked hard and completed my 1st year of BA (Hons) Economics & Business Management with no resits. I was buzzing and hoped to be able to repeat my success in all the modules in Stage 2. Unfortunately, by the 1st More >

Royal Navy Leadership & Mentoring Forum


By Victor Reyes (MBA Student, Business School, Newcastle University) As students of the MBA programme, we have taken part in a variety of lectures which have given us an insight in to fields such as strategy, organizational behaviour, and human resources, amongst others. In this way we have discussed the relevance of the theory and practice and how they are closely related.  A couple of weeks ago, away from the academic world and in a very different learning environment, we received an invitation to take part in the Royal Navy Leadership and Mentoring Forum at North Shields aboard a Navy ship. More >

Give it a Go!


How can you experience mud buggies, knitting classes or a Portuguese language taster without having to organise a thing? Through the Give it a Go programme at Newcastle University! Like many other universities around the country, Newcastle University has a Give it a Go (GIAG) programme. Although I have been aware of the events that they have run in the past, it was not until I was in my third year of university that I thought the time was right and the go needed to be given. I made a resolution at the start of the year that - as this is my More >

A step in the global direction…

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I remember being sat at my desk wishing away the hours of revision I had ahead of me when an opportunity fell into my inbox. The email advertised the chance to go and work in India on a 6 week internship in the country’s central bank. On clicking the reply button the next thing I knew I was flying on an Airbus A380 with Emirates travelling to a country I had never been to before, but with some comfort that there would be 5 others from the Newcastle University Business School joining me. The next 6 weeks that ensued were More >

Career Development Week: ‘The Only Way is Global’ with Procter & Gamble


By Holly Waghorn Marketing & Management, Stage 3 Procter and Gamble came to give an insight into the workings of a global company and the breadth of opportunities available. Timothy gave an overview of the company as well as his experiences as an intern which has given him the skills to work in a managerial role. P&G’s nurturing culture means that they do not recruit graduates, but take on people as placements and interns allowing you to grown with the company. Timothy highlighted how global P&G is, with people in his team being in Slovakia and Malaysia and he regularly More >

Career Development Week: ‘Show them you’re worth it’ – assessment centres with L’Oréal


By Holly Waghorn Marketing & Management, Stage 3 Wednesday afternoon we welcomed Amy and Negin from L’Oréal who came to talk to some of our prospective placement and graduates about the L’Oréal application and assessment centre process. Amy is an Alumni of Newcastle University and completed her graduate rotation at L’Oréal before moving into a permanent role in the commercial sector at the company. They both gave key insight into what is expected on the day, with hints and tips such as the importance of product and market knowledge in relation to the Case studies and strong presentation skills. Negin More >

‘Top of the shops’ careers in retail management with John Lewis

John Lewis

By Gagan Jagpal   Being joined by two members from the John Lewis team was a great start to my Career Development Week. We were briefed on the wide variety of graduate schemes available from the John Lewis partnership and were told step by step the various stages of the process. They did not hide the fact that there graduate recruitment was rigorous, yet were able to differentiate themselves from a lot of the other firms. Due to John Lewis being a partnership they were keen to express how much of a family all the employees were. We were told More >