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GEO summer internships


As companies compete in a global market I wanted an international dimension to my portfolio. I have trekked in the Sahara, won a scholarship to South Africa and inter-railed in Eastern Europe. However, I’ve never had the opportunity of working outside of Europe – until now. Every year the Business Schools Global Experience Opportunity (GEO) offers placement around the World. This year there were 3 amazing placement offered in India (2 more than last year). After applying, I was successful enough to secure a placement at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) of India for 6 weeks beginning on 30 June. As we More >

2 down, 1 to go


As another successful year at uni draws to a close, it was time for me to pack up shop and return home for the summer! After just (and I mean just) fitting everything into the car (it’s amazing how much I’ve accumulated over a year), we made our way back to York. Whilst surrounded by bags and clobber, I wondered where all the time had gone – 2 years of uni seemed more like 2 months! Indeed it would be another year until I returned for uni for my final year after a placement year out in India [more to More >

Kings of Leon @ St James Park

Kings of Leon blog

What better way to celebrate the end of exams than watching Kings of Leon perform at St James Park! After a couple of alcoholic beverages we made our way to the stadium just in time for the first act; Twin Atlantic. Gone was the football pitch, hidden under what resembled concrete slabs. It was slightly surreal to think that you were standing on the same pitch where Newcastle United play (and regrettably sometimes lose)! Indeed, it was even more surreal that St James Park was hosting anything other than football. One has to look back to 2007 where Rod Stewart More >

Welcoming the dawn of my Placement at North East Access to Finance Ltd

North East Access to Finance Ltd

  All the hard work has paid off. I battled through the application process, I was on fire in the interviews and I’ve landed myself the much coveted placement in North East Access to Finance Ltd (NEA2F) after four rounds of the selection process. Of course this calls for a celebration, but the biggest and the real work is yet to come! It begins as I being the new kid at work, prepare for the nerve-wracking coming months which is the real test. You will want to make a good impression and this can be a scary prospect, so I am More >

The annual David Goldman Lecture


In true ‘stereotypical’ student fashion, this blog is late (by 2 weeks in fact). Let’s turn the clocks back to Wednesday 19 March. One of the busiest days in the Business Schools calendar.  The annual David Goldman lecture which followed the productive and very insightful GaGa event [see 'Going GaGa' - if you dare!]. Being a ‘Bizzy Bee’, attending one event wasn’t enough! After finishing work at the GaGa event I quickly changed into something more suitable for a very formal event. Indeed, I would have stuck out like a shore thumb wearing a bright red hoody. Although, I wish More >

Titans team bags the Siemens Global Challenge 2014 Award !

Haritima - Siemen's Global Challenge 2014 (1)

      I now strongly second and believe in the quote, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.” It’s hard to verbalize the last two weeks in a half hour catch-up on the phone with family and friends. Packed weekends working on dissertation, meeting interesting people, helping to organize, orchestrate and engage with a number of events, TargetJobs Postgraduate Career Fair, Newcastle Work Experience and a big Global Experience Opportunity event called ‘Gain a Global Advantage’s Siemens Global Challenge’ at Newcastle University Business School constitute a new More >

Capturing the spirit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Capturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

“However high we climb in the pursuit of knowledge we shall see heights above us, and the more we extend our view, the more conscious we shall be of the immensity which lies beyond.” -Lord William Armstrong This is the quote which will remain in the minds of many participants of the successful event, ‘Capturing the spirit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ held last week organised by the Professor, Pooran Wynarczyk of Newcastle University Business School and Director of SERU who also teaches Entrepreneurial Management to MBA students. The event turned out to be an evolved message platform and an interactive More >

My academic experience as a postgraduate student

business school

In two days from now, I will have started the second term of my Masters degree. All my blog entries so far discussed experiences related to employability skills and work opportunities, but I have just realised that I never posted anything about my academic experience. I do not know when the first term finished, as I still feel like I have just started studying on this programme. People say that when you’re busy, time flies by quicker and it might be true, because I was very busy indeed. From what I understood so far, Newcastle University is very much focused on More >

Taking the Inside Track with Global Experience Opportunity

Event Poster

On Tuesday 3rd December, I had finished my lectures at 4.30pm and it was time to go home. Except on this particular day, I decided to take a detour and go to the first Global Experience Opportunity event of this academic year: “Take the inside track to becoming globally employable”. Being in my final year at university, I knew this could be a useful and thought-provoking session that would only benefit the ever-closer reality of my future career. I arrived, typically in a rush and slightly late, and was taken aback by how packed the room was! There was a More >

Exploring transition @Newcastle !!

More you Explore , More you fall in love with this place !!

  When you really wish for something true heartedly, the entire Universe conspires in to fulfill that wish. And yes, it works! Newcastle, here you are !!!! My study abroad journey since landing in Newcastle Upon Tyne officially started 2 months ago in the 31st most beautiful Business School in the world. The jet-lag was not as bad as I had anticipated and the city hasn’t produced too much of a culture shock except a few. In fact, when I walk down the street at any given point I can hear a person speaking some other language besides English. The More >