Placement Ambassador – Yousef Mensli

Placement Ambassadors are Stage 3 students who have returned from a placement year.  They are happy to offer advice and guidance to stage 2 students looking for a placement. 

Why did you choose to do a one year commercial placement?

The main reason I undertook a one year placement was to gain work experience, but I also felt that I needed to apply the knowledge I’d learnt over my educational life into a working environment.


Which company did you work for? What was your position?

JLT (Insurance Broker) – Various Roles

S-RM (Security Management) – North African Analyst

Constellis (Security Management) – North African Analyst

G+ Europe (PR and Communications) – Various Roles


What was the highlight of your placement year?

I enjoyed the whole year, so it’s hard to pick one moment. The highlights included going to the House of Commons, meeting with billionaire clients and developing new friendships.


How has the placement experience helped your own development?

I’ve become more confident and I have belief in my knowledge and skills, the only way you’ll know if you’re ready for work is to experience it first-hand. The placement year is a great opportunity to do this.


What elements of the placement have been most useful in helping you move towards your careers goal? What is your career goal?

Being around individuals that have run their own businesses has been significantly influential as I hope to one day operate my own company. I’ve attained contact details that I can use at any time if I have any questions due to the close relationships I’ve built.



What advice would you give someone who was thinking about doing a commercial placement?

Definitely do it. The best decision I’ve made in my educational life. Try up until the last minute to organise a placement.

If you have any placement related questions, feel free to email him at