OnlineFuels Placement

Application Closing date: 30/03/18

Salary: £17,500

Location: Finsbury Square, Shoreditch, London

Degree Discipline: Economics/ Business / Marketing related



About James (founder of OnlineFuels)

“12 years ago I was sat in your shoes. I attended Newcastle University and graduated with Marketing and Management degree in 2008, and between my second and third year I managed to get a placement for a Biodiesel company called “V-Fuels Biodiesel”, based just outside of Newcastle. The job itself was at a start-up (albeit with multimillion pound backing!) and was great fun and very varied from other placements in big multinational corporations. That side of business has never really appealed to me. I like small entrepreneurial businesses where I can get involved. After University I got a job with a German Oil Trading company in London, where we had around 30 in the office. I started in Marketing there, then moved into jobs in Biofuels, Operations and Supply & Trading. I worked there for 7 years, before quitting in September 2015, having met an IT entrepreneur on my honeymoon. He liked the idea, but said couldn’t help whilst it was hypothetical and I was in a full time job. I quit my job the following week with no contracts in place. Two years later and we have created a business that has revolutionised the fuel buying process. We’ve gained great traction, working with 10 of the major Oil suppliers including Shell and BP. We have now secured our second round of funding and by the end of 2018 will operate outside the UK as well. I’m highly driven, always push myself and like to question why things are done, and looking if there is a way to improve processes.”

About the Business 

“Despite how big the Oil Industry is, the way in which big companies buy fuel is very old fashioned. From having seen a process where people send emails and faxes (yes they still exist) with prices, then customers deciding where to go, I thought it was time to take the fuel buying process into the 21st century. I have made an online platform where Buyers of fuels can go on and see all of their buying options without having to call all of their suppliers, likewise sellers can see all their selling options in one place. Nothing like this exists in the market, and it is considered very disruptive technology within an old fashioned market place. The business started in November 2015, working alongside a web development team, ex FD for HBOS and Lloyds Bank who now sits as my Financial Director. The company has the ability to be agile and be the best on the IT side within the market, and to really make an impact on the Industry. We are a small team and I am looking for creative, entrepreneurial individuals who want to shake up a massive, but old fashioned industry.”


Person Requirements:

About the Job

If you want a corporate job where you can learn one piece of the cog over 12 months, this isn’t for you. I am looking for someone who isn’t scared of rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in. Some days will involve speaking to the CEO’s of large businesses and giving presentations to business-owners, and entertaining these people. I will try and make it as fun as possible, and the possibilities for the business are huge. I will teach you what I know about the Industry as well as introducing to a large proportion of the market, at a CEO and Managing Director level. If you decided that OnlineFuels wasn’t right for you post University, hopefully you will have a great network in place anyway. I am looking for someone who is happy to be customer facing, but also good analytically, and who is highly competent on an IT side. There are other projects we are working on that might be more B2C than B2B, so also someone who would like to be involved in helping create a Marketing Strategy around that, and also able to be in charge of Social Media.

Joe Heathcote, current placement student

“I chose a placement at OnlineFuels over working for a larger organisation as I wanted to gain exposure to how a business operates across all departments. Working within a startup company has allowed me to take on greater responsibility and make a meaningful impact on the overall progression of the business. If you are interested in working for a startup or starting your own business in the future, the networking opportunities in London are huge, while working closely with the founder of the business is an invaluable experience. In addition, working for a company that is at the forefront of innovation and change within its industry has been a hugely rewarding experience that I can take into my future career.”

How To Apply: Please apply by sending a CV and covering letter to by 6th April 2018. There will be Skype interviews, followed quickly by face to face interview for final decision.


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