Introduction to me…

Thought I should introduce myself… I’m Ellissa and I’m from a little market town called Penistone, which is near Barnsley (I try to avoid telling people this due to the accent mimicking) and study Marketing and Management.

In the months leading up to uni, I had the usual freak outs… Was I going to make friends? Would I like my course? This almost led to me deferring to do Dentistry at Sheffield (thank god… the gore, I’m a wimp)  Despite this, I was never nervous… packing up my room, getting in the car, driving up the A1.  Then I got to Ricky Road and it hit me I would soon be alone, with no family or friends to save me if it all went terribly wrong.  My initial thoughts were: am I in jail? It was such a dump, I could see the looks of disgust/fear on my sister’s face (she is someone who is definitely not made for uni life!!) Then my flatmates came, then the rest of the block and from then on, university was everything I expected it to be and more.  2 years on, I still feel the same about Newcastle and feel very fortunate to be have met some incredible people.

I’m now a third year (eek) and currently on placement at the Business School as Global Experience Officer… one of the lucky ones!  4 months in and so far, so good. I’m having a great time and definitely enjoying the break from studying.   Working full time has made me realise exactly what I want to do with my life (and this conflicts directly with what I thought I wanted to do).  So all in all, doing a placement is definitely one of the better decisions I’ve made and I would recommend it to anyone.  It really is useful in so many ways; you get real responsibility (definitely not a coffee maker / runner arounder), meet a lot of new people, improve your skills/abilities ready for final year and CV for graduation,  exposure to a commercial environment, a decent wage…. lots and lots of incentives!

Other than that, some things to know about me are:

  • I like to sing very loud but I can’t sing at all.  This is much to the dismay of my poor housemates…
  • I have grown up competing in regional and national show jumping competitions.  I was quite successful, but decided to pursue university rather than a career in the horse world.
  • Call of Duty is the best Xbox game ever invented
  • I’m a film geek and am probably more interested in the production process than the actual films (when I was little I wanted to be a director)
  • After graduation, I (ideally) want to join the Marketing and Products stream of Barclays Future Leaders Development Programme… this is after a lot of deliberation as I change my mind a lot, but I’m now set on that.  Its sounds ambitious, but in my eyes you’re only going to be driven to achieve something if you really want it.   I know what I need to do to get there and if it doesn’t work out at least I tried… que sera sera.

That’s it for my first post… keep checking back for regular updates :)


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