Aman Mundra – Student Placement Profile

Hi! I’m Aman and I’m a 3rd year Marketing student at Newcastle University currently on my placement year working in the Business School’s External Relations team as Global Relations Officer.

Before starting my placement, I had very little experience of the work place and only had a vague idea for what I wanted to do as a career. During my first day working at the Business School, I was asked what I wanted to get out of the year and what kind of industry I was interested in so that we could build my year around me and my goals, which is something really unique about this placement. As a Marketing student, it’s been absolutely perfect for me being able to demonstrate what I’ve learned on my course to a real brand. In my role, I am given full responsibility of marketing GEO initiatives to students and I’ve been able to use what I know about being a student to create effective marketing plans for our initiatives.

Each year, the student in my role has the opportunity to market GEO’s well established annual Gain a Global Advantage event which takes place in February each year. The event featured guest speakers from huge global companies such as Uber, PepsiCo, Deutsche Bank, Ivy Park, Lloyds and others, who came in to deliver inspiring talks/workshops for students who signed up. Being responsible for marketing the event, I was set several objectives based on how we could improve upon the success of the previous year. Our targets this year were to get 650 total sign ups, increase participation among home students, increase non-Business School sign ups and also increase student engagement/awareness on social media. Through implementation of my marketing plan, we received 1008 sign ups (a 68% increase from last year), increased home student participation by 164%, we more than doubled sign ups from non-Business School students and increased engagement on our Facebook event by 136%. The success of GaGA 2017 is definitely a big achievement to take away from this year and it’s great to see visible results coming from lots of work from my team and I.

The amount of exposure I’ve had to highly senior individuals really took me by surprise. On the day of GaGA, I casually picked up our keynote speaker, Victoria (Senior Director at PepsiCo), from the airport and took her to the Business School. We’d found out a few weeks prior that myself and Victoria went to the same secondary school back home in Peterborough, which was the most bizarre coincidence.

To anyone who’s thinking about doing a placement, I’d encourage you to make every effort. I feel so much more confident applying to jobs knowing that I can evidence every skill required on a job description through the things I’ve done this year. I’ve benefited massively already, not just in terms of skills but I’ve been offered a couple of roles working with the central University next year and also secured work experience in the summer, giving me the opportunity to work with one of the top advertising agencies in the UK.

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