Meet our bloggers

Denisa Costache, MA Human Resource Management

Hi everyone! My name is Denisa and I am from Pitesti, a small, beautiful town in Romania. I moved to England three years ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. Having experienced living in several cities in the past years, I notice and appreciate even more the charm of the ‘north’ and its unrivalled friendliness and hospitality (as well as the Geordie accent and the lovely Greggs sandwiches).

I am a current postgraduate student enrolled on the Human Resource Management programme at Newcastle University Business School. I couldn’t be happier that I have chosen to come here, being not only an amazing place to study with numerous opportunities for personal and professional development, but also a bustling, student-friendly city that gives you the feeling that you belong here, that you’re part of it all.

Other than that, I am a Business Champion and a JobsOC Student Temp which basically means that I get to do lots of fun stuff around campus with other fellow students as a job. I spend my spare time shopping, making new friends, meeting old friends, travelling and more recently, job hunting. I hope that by the end of this year, I will be able to share with you some (hopefully successful) experiences of my job hunting process and give you an insight into what being a postgraduate student at the Business School feels like. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!



Helenor Essam, BA (Hons) Marketing & Management

Hi all, I’m Helenor, currently in my third year at Newcastle studying Marketing & Management!

I can’t quite believe I will be finished with Uni in precisely 27 weeks… It’s an extremely scary thought that I’ll be leaving this much loved city to start my ‘grown-up life’ in London. Newcastle is such an amazing place; I’ve had some of the best times of my life here (I think I have anyway, most of them I can’t actually remember), and I’ll be very sad to go. There is so much to take advantage of and even though I haven’t quite got to grips with the Geordie accent, so I’m not overly sure what people are saying, it all seems very nice and friendly!

In my final 27 weeks I plan to make the most of the amazing facilities offered by the Business School and also improve on what’s already here, using my new job as Business Ambassador for NUBS! My ultimate goal is to get a microwave installed on the 5th floor social space so I no longer have to live off cuppa soups.

When I’m not busy procrastinating in the library or NUBS I enjoy eating (anything but soup) and having a bit too much to drink. Of course this answer changes dramatically in interview conditions to something along the lines of ‘I enjoy travelling and learning about new cultures, painting and all artsy things and socialising.


Katie Westerby, BSc (Hons) Marketing

Wae’aye man! I’m Katie. I’m an undergrad Marketing Student here at Newcastle in my Second year.

I’m originally a Yorkshire girl who moved down south, so I have a pretty ‘special’ accent… I feel more at home with the Geordies now I am back living in my Northern routes! If you want to make me happy a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates will normally do the trick.

When I’m not in Uni I enjoy: going out with the girls, vintage shopping, Toon Football games and a bit of Zumba! If you see me pottering around Campus or the Business School – come say Hi! I don’t bite and I love meeting new people.


Sophie Thurner, MSc Finance and Financial Regulation

Hello everyone, my name is Sophie and I am currently studying for a MSc in Finance and Financial Regulation.

I have been passionate about Newcastle University and the city itself since undertaking my undergraduate degree here in Politics and Economics. I had such an amazing experience overall that I decided to stay and continue my studies at the Business School. I came to the UK form Munich, Germany and I have enjoyed every minute of living in Newcastle so far. For me it is very similar to my home city as everyone is very friendly and approachable. The only problem I have encountered during the years is understanding the Geordie accent! However, I can safely say that by the end of your studies you will know that “Tara now, pet” is not asking after your dog or cat.

In my spare time I enjoy a good game of chess, political satire and food! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about student life in Newcastle (or you need advice on good places to eat out)!


Bradley Smith, BSc (Hons) Marketing

Like many good procrastinators, I bring you this “meet our bloggers” when I should be working on a pile of assignments – it’s more interesting for me yet I fear less so for you – but here it goes;

At the minute, I have many names including (but not limited to) Bradley, Brad, Bradders, Bradaz, Smithy, Smyth, Smithers; and people’s personal favourite; @BadBradders.

I’m a 2nd year BSc (Honours) Marketing student at Newcastle University. Other roles within the Business School include Business Champion, Student Ambassador and course rep for the Student Staff Committee (SSC).

As a leader in its field, Newcastle University Business School is by far the best place to study with a vibrant city centre; not to forget cheap train travel to York – far enough from the parents yet close enough to send the washing home!

Hobbies to date include facebook, eating food, cracking horrendous jokes and not to forget having a lot of banter with friends. I also enjoy all things theatrical, partying (of course!), music, my work within the TV industry, travelling, running and (trying to) pump iron – my mum says it’s working so that’s all that matters!

At the moment, I am proactively seeking a year-long placement in India to add an international dimension to my portfolio – as a marketer and obsessive networker, please inbox me any leads.

More blogs to follow; in the meantime I must get back to this essay – 10 words down, 1,490 to go!


Haritima, MBA

Hello friends! I am Haritima. Originally, I am from the capital of India,Delhi. Well, the experience of being a part of Accenture and the beginning of my new journey by being an MBA Student of Newcastle University Business School till date has been worthwhile and makes me feel privileged. The learning,opportunities and facilities, this institution provides are just outstanding and I’m enjoying every bit of it, every single day !

Outside my working hours, I like to maintain a healthy body and mind by listening to music, dancing, yoga and socializing. I heard it somewhere that traveling allows you to see the world with a different and New Perspective and being a part of Newcastle and NUBS has proved that true !

I hope that through this blog, we’ll be able to receive a great learning. I’ll also get an opportunity to share my unique blend of experiences of this great institution with you all and provide you meaningful advice and insight into what it actually means to study at this university. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.


Vanessa Ruano-Hernandez, BSc (Hons) Marketing

I am Vanessa – some call me Vinnie or V – I am from Colombia, but spent 15 fabulous years in London. So, if you speak to me, don’t be surprised when you hear a distinctive Latin/Londoner accent ha! :)

I am about to start my final year in Bsc Marketing and quite frankly… it has come too quick! Wish the student life was not limited to just 3 years of your life!

Those of you who are new to the Business School will soon come to realise the outstanding facilities and opportunities on offer; if you are proactive, you will find yourself applying for a Summer Internship in May and joining a fabulous team for 8 weeks! My work has consisted of taking on several (small) projects – but, heavily focusing on the planning of a new annual event which has achieved high publicity across the North East region (success!) – ‘Return on Innovation’ (ROI) Conference, scheduled for 27th November – it is destined to be a huge so keep an eye out! :)

Outside work I like to enjoy the finer things in life, whilst maintaining a healthy mind and body. My greatest passion in life is dance – salsa, bachata, merengue all the way!


James Williams, BA (Hons) Marketing and Marketing

Hi my name is James, although many know me as Jay. I am about to commence my final year in Marketing & Management and I can’t wait to start living the student life in Newcastle again! After recently finishing my placement year I have worked as a summer intern at the Business School helping organise this year’s Career Development Week.

I am originally from a wonderful peninsula called the Wirral (by Liverpool for the majority of you who have never heard of it), but now consider Newcastle to be my second home, I love it! Outside of working life I love anything to do with sports, music or eating and I consider watching Soccer Saturday, eating a dirty pub lunch and drinking a pint of real ale as the dream.
Marcus Gill, BA (Hons) Business Management

“Hi I’m Marcus. I am an undergraduate who is currently studying Business Management.

I am undertaking an industrial placement as Corporate Relations Officer at the Business School, which has given me the great opportunity of learning and earning. In my spare time I enjoy playing football, boxing, going to music gigs/festivals, partying, eating, road trips, socialising and playing FIFA.

I currently reside in Jesmond, where the girls are beautiful and the drinks are cheap. Upon graduation I hope to secure a role which entails travelling to hot countries and eating fine cuisine.”


Francesca Norton,  BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management

My name is Francesca, though everyone knows me as Cessie (pronounced Chessie – very confusing!). I am currently studying Economics and Business Management in my final year, but last year I undertook a placement here at the Business School as the Global Experience Officer. I really enjoyed working life (especially having a bit of extra cash to spend) but I love being a student again and am making the most of my last year of lie-ins.

I am originally from Leeds but have been slowly won over by the magic of Newcastle. Outside of working hard at uni (!) I enjoy music, both listening and playing, going to the gym and of course hitting the toon for a canny night out with my friends. I am also a keen skier and snowboarder, but that has been a rationed activity since surviving on a student budget