Week one at Atom Bank!

Mingxia tells us about her first week interning at Atom Bank.   To find out more about our GEO regional internship programme for Newcastle University Business School students, visit our website.

My internship started with an induction session hosted at the Business School. After a quick round of introductions, we were split into different groups according to the programmes we would be working on. We worked together on a few different tasks and workshops before breaking for lunch. After lunch, we did a walking tour of Newcastle and the Campus. I felt proud of being a student at Newcastle University as I could introduce my favourite places to the other students. At the end of the day, we had dinner with the managers and staff at university at St James park, where we can have full view of the stadium. With the magnificent view, the elegant dinner and great people surrounding, all of us were spoiled!



 I started the internship the following day at Atom Bank. I’m in the Marketing Team along with Amanda from Boston University.  Every day so far has been different!  I have finished the research about maximising the use of LinkedIn and gave my recommendations to my Supervisor. My suggestions about improving the company’s profile on LinkedIn have been put into action, which is great as I feel like my contribution to the company is valued and I have my own responsibilities. 

On my third day at Atom Bank, a journalist was interviewing three senior managers in the company. It was great to be involved and really interesting to see the Journalist at work, I have never seen someone write in shorthand before! I also assisted with the photography which was very fun!