Tata Medical Centre: Week 4

Week 4: Running out of time

By Lydia Savvidou and Elena Agachi

Preparing to write this week’s blog, we were shocked to realize that it is already week 4 in Kolkata. Indeed time flies way too fast when one is having a good time and Kolkata has many ways to make anyone feel like that.



The wakeup alarm of this weekend was very early for the foodies of the group. 5:00 AM to be exact and now you may be wondering what the great reason behind this motivation was. I can assure you Teretti bazar-Kolkata’s Chinatown, ensures there are no regrets! It is the only official Chinatown in India and it offers authentic Chinese breakfast sold by Chinese migrants. It starts at 5:30 AM and ends at 8:00 AM but you better hurry because sometimes it sells out a lot earlier. Chinese have contributed in many areas of the social and economic life of Kolkata! After having a delicious breakfast we visited Indian museum, Jorosanko Thakur Bari which is a museum dedicated to the life of the poet and first non-European Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore and quest mall where we did mostly window shopping. However, then I decided I want to try a new fashion style so I bought a ‘Kurti’- a common local outfit, that I fell in love with! On Sunday we decided to satisfy our scientific minds so we visited ‘Science city’ and Birla planetarium followed by St Paul’s Cathedral which was opposite to the planetarium.



After collecting data for a week of our project, we completed our first draft for our project that we have to present in the last week of the internship. Based on the data we gathered for the surgeries of the week, we distributed our findings with tables and percentages. We noted how many surgeries were done in each department and what the type of surgery was.  Additionally, we recorded the Operating theatres utilization from each department and then we went on to analyse each operating theatre separately. The process was to compare the total hours that the operating theatre was used to the total hours of available time for operating theatre utilization and then compare how much of the time used was actually surgery time. This was done daily for a week, so after collecting data for every day of the week we would produce the results for the whole week. In the end of the week, we had a meeting with the Deputy Director of TMC Dr. V R Ramanan, our project supervisor- Dr. Sanjit Agarwal and the team of nurses working on the project to discuss progress and receive feedback on our presentation draft. The comments were very encouraging and the participants were satisfied with our gatherings so far. There were also suggestions on areas that could be improved which we will work on before our next meeting. The plan is to gather data for a few weeks and work on the final presentation during the last week of the internship.The highlight of the week though was that we had the opportunity to observe a surgery performed by Dr Agarwal who specializes in Breast surgery. The process involved removing the breast that had the tumour and reconstructing it. Dr Agarwal used a newly implemented technique and it was definitely a unique experience for us!



In those 4 weeks in Kolkata we realised that there will always be something new to surprise us every week and that we will never run out of things to do! Instead we are only running out of time!