Tata Internship: Week 2

Joyfully Exploring the City of Joy!

Even though at the end of our first week of work, we were highly tempted to spend the weekend restoring our sleep levels, our curiosity and passion to explore Kolkata motivated us to begin on an adventurous journey.  Our first stop was Victoria Memorial, where after taking the tour, we found out that even though Queen Victoria was the Empress of India for many years she never actually visited India! Excited by our first historic site, we also went to visit Mother House, where Mother Teresa and her pupils organized Missionaries of Charity, and Birla Temple. Our first day ended with delicious, authentic Indian food at Arsalan’s where we also went to try ‘Thumbs Up’, the Indian version of Cola.

On Sunday we were in a mood for some local shopping, so we decided to visit New Market. Being the only Western tourists present at that time, we had the privilege of special treatment from the locals who were trying to guide us to the stalls they thought would satisfy our taste! After realizing that Sunday is not the right day for shopping at the Market since a lot of the shops are closed, we went to visit Eden Garden stadium. It is the home of Kolkata’s local cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders, competing on IPL League. On our way there, we also got the opportunity to cross Hooghly Bridge and visit Avani Riverside mall. Bengali sweets’ reputation was highly advertised all this time by our local friends from the internship, so we followed their advice by visiting ‘Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy’, Kolkata’s oldest dessert shop, and of course we were not disappointed!

After a great weekend, we embarked on our second week of our internship full of excitement for what will follow! Our project with Elena is operational theater (OT) utilization. The project aims to assess the duration of the processes involved in the utilization of the OT, and to identify the processes where most delay occurs. As part of the project we need to collect data from various sources such as the Operational Theatre’s registers, together with the online patients’ registry as well as discussing with the nurses and doctors for clarifications in complicated cases. Our cooperation with Elena has been excellent and our backgrounds in Accounting and Finance and Econometrics have both benefited our project.

Working in India is a unique experience and really different from working in the UK. Organization and language barriers can be a challenge sometimes to our work since communication is really important when there is team-work involved. But by being patient and dedicating the amount necessary to make ourselves more familiar with the process to collect data for an organization such as Tata Medical Centre, we were not affected by those challenges. In this project, we came across a different method of collecting data which has helped us develop further our analytical skills. Additionally working with the locals here has been a rewarding experience since we are also benefitting from cultural exchange and great tips on how to make our internship even more enjoyable! On Wednesday we even attended a concert of Sonu Nigam-one of India’s most talented singers! Our supervisor, Soumita, makes us feel like home and she has been really helpful with whatever we needed.

We are now looking forward to the continuation of our internship and to be immersed even more to the work life and culture in Kolkata!