SEWA Internship: Week 3

At the end of our second week we decided to treat ourselves to a little trip away. We went to Udaipur for the weekend. We were so overwhelmed with how beautiful the scenery was and how delicious the food was. On the Saturday we went camel riding which was fantastic, then we went up a cable car to get a better view of our surroundings, the view was of course breath taking.



On Sunday, we visited the City Palace which was way bigger than expected taking over two hours to see everything. The tour really gave us a feel for current and old Indian culture, what they believe and how they use to live. We then did a bit of market shopping and got ourselves some lovely Indian clothing.



On Monday, we were right back in the office finally making some significant ground on the project using all the information we got from the various meetings and field trips the first two weeks. We carefully constructed our first draft of the balance score card matrix and table making sure the four stages linked and made sense, whilst thoroughly analysing the background behind the headings in the table to make sub-headings which added detail and depth to our studies.

During the rest of the week we received critical feedback from the Chairman of the water campaign and our supervisor Chaitali on where we could use key wording and what could be improved, which was extremely helpful and welcomed. However, before we sent off our first draft we decided it would be a good idea to critic our work first to see if we could pick up on anything important we missed or could develop, which we did. I think this really helped to improve my attention to detail, problem solving and analytical skills.


Working with Revant from IIM-A has been a delight and it’s been so rewarding working with a student from one of Newcastle’s global partner institutions. Revant has 8 other classes that require his attention which leaves him very busy so I have had to step up on many occasions and work on the project alone at times. Not having someone to bounce ideas off has been challenging but has made me self-reliant and increased my confidence in the work I do. Additionally, I’ve learnt so much from working with someone who approaches a task from a different angle than I would have and seeing how culture plays a big role in an organisation.