Pampering and Packed in Trains: Our Penultimate Week at Bharti Foundation

Mhairi tell us about her penultimate week interning at the Bharti Foundation in India. To find out more about our GEO global internship programme for Newcastle University Business School Stage 2 students, visit our website.

Again, this week has been filled with busy, long days at the office trying to finalise our report which is currently 95 pages !! A lot of cutting down to do in the next few days. At the weekend the girls decided to head to the salon for some well deserved pampering one afternoon (we’d planned just spending a couple of hours there, however, being India timings, a couple of hours turned into 7 and we didn’t leave till 8pm!) We each treated ourselves to a hair spa (basically getting your hair washed with a fancy head massage), a manicure (Indian version involves an arm massage and getting your knuckles professionally cracked), a pedicure, and a facial treatment (the staff not only massaged your face thoroughly, but also massaged your back). Notably, the Glow Facial is worth having a try since the staff is very experienced of revitalizing your face while making you relaxed at the same time. Although Annie’s sensitive skin did end up being irritated a bit, it did become softer and smoother afterwards.

After the spa, we went to another restaurant that had a rooftop bar in Sector 29 Market. Loads and loads of bars and restaurants there and a camel to ride if you got bored.

On Sunday evening we got the sleeper train to Jodhpur from Delhi for the final part of our field work, which was certainly an experience to behold. We had 5 spaces on the train and there were 3 beds in very close proximity so there was a random Indian man in amongst us and Jitesh. I had an odd experience when I was woken up by someone pulling on my arm, I was naturally very confused especially when I realised I didn’t recognise who it was. Luckily they just walked away and I went back to sleep, they must have thought I was in their bed or something. Anyway, we arrived in Jodhpur safe and sound with a reasonable nights sleep ready for our final week!