NiSM Internship: Week 4

We spent our third weekend in India mostly in South Mumbai, near Nairman Point. There were 3 main highlights of the weekend. The first definitely has to be eating lunch at The Bombay Canteen. Rated as the second-best restaurant in the whole of India, the food did not disappoint! Four of us tucked into the Bombay Club Sandwich while the most adventurous in the group went through the 90-minute-long taster menu which showcased national flavours. Having left the restaurant, we headed towards more touristy areas, our target was Marina Drive. We were inundated by Indians wanting to have photos with us to the extent we were questioning what the real tourist attraction was! Feeling thirsty, we thought we would try out the Stock Exchange Bar to see if any of the skills we had learnt in the Trading Lab Sessions were transferable into a ‘real-life’ situation. Andrew was very disappointed he couldn’t short any of the beers so he could return later in the afternoon so receive a rock-bottom price beer. Savvy, I know. As we turned for home, a local businessman spotted us ordering a taxi and demanded we come and look in his shop. Before the trip, a few of us had chatted about our desire to return to the UK with tailormade suits. Our desires were answered as at the end of one of the darker back allies was exactly what we were looking for. After 30 minutes of fitting, four suits were ordered in and we were tasked with returning the following weekend to pick them up.



 On Monday night, Sam and Luke played in a football match with several of the Indian students with conditions less than ideal. Rain was hurtling from the sky, and players were slipping and sliding across the mud, but through the monsoon came a performance befitting of a champion. Captain, leader, legend Sam Jeffrey carried his team to a penalty shootout after a tense game. However, at the shootout, Sam’s penalty was saved, bringing shock to the crowds and causing the opposition keeper to fall to the floor clutching his hand. Big Sam had broken the keeper’s wrist. With this news, the opposition were forced to change keeper and Sam’s team pounced on this opportunity, winning the shootout and writing their names in the NISM Patalganga history books. All that Luke could do was hang his head with disappointment and be consoled by his fellow teammates.



On Tuesday affairs on campus were much quieter with students cracking on with their research projects to the utmost professionalism. You’d think nothing less of Newcastle students. To finish the day, we were treated to the Indian version of Yorkshire puddings for supper. What a treat.



Wednesday arrived and there was more drama. After breaking the student’s wrist on Monday, you’d think that karma would soon strike Sam, and you’d be right. During an entertaining game of one bounce in the bum’s court, Sam stooped low to head the ball, however his chin collided with the floor, creating a hole under chin the size of a crater. Worried sick about his partner in crime, Andrew selflessly accompanied poor old Sam to the hospital, where they found the conditions not quite the same as the NHS. 



Brave Sam laid down whilst the Indian nurses stapled his chin together at the second attempt. To welcome the brave man back, we all ordered Domino’s, which was a splendid change to curry. 


The next day was uneventful, with us all looking forward to the weekend, where we could once again explore the rich tapestry of things to do and places to see in Mumbai. If there was one thing to take from this week, it was that the NHS should be cherished.