NiSM Internship: Week 3


On Saturday morning, we went into Navi Mumbai to grab some food and have a look around. After a 3rd week of curry we were delighted to find a place serving burgers so we filled up and then headed back to the campus to watch the football. England 2 – Sweden 0!

On Sunday, several other interns from Edinburgh university arrived so we took them into Mumbai for some food. They couldn’t quite understand why we were so excited for some western food as they hadn’t yet experienced curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner! When we got back we played some football in the sports hall and then went for a much needed swim.



On Monday morning, the past CEO of the NISM came to meet us and welcome the new interns to India. We introduced ourselves and shared some of our experiences so far. We then had to present the work we had done on our research projects to the directors and the former CEO.

During the day on Tuesday we worked on our research projects and the new students from Edinburgh Uni’ started to think about which area they would like to conduct research in. In the evening, there was a “Cultural Evening” in the auditorium which involved a music concert which was exclusively in Hindi. After a slightly confusing yet fantastic 2 hours the concert was over and we had some dinner and then had an early night.

On Wednesday, we were all very excited due to the main event of the week. The World Cup semi-final: England vs Croatia. We watched it in the cafeteria with another 60 Indian NISM students (most of whom were supporting Croatia!). After a beautiful Beckham-esque free kick from Kieran Trippier, England were ahead after 5 minutes and we went wild. We were cheering, happy in the knowledge that football was finally, after 50 years, coming home. Unfortunately, England couldn’t keep up and Jordan “The Hero” Pickford could no longer stop any more Croatian shots. Croatia scored in the second half and eventually won 2-1 in extra time. We were swarmed with delighted Indians who were over the moon with Croatia’ last minute goal.



On Thursday morning, sad and deflated from the result the night before, we returned to normal NISM life. We had a lecture on mutual funds in the morning and then in the afternoon we were given a fascinating lecture on corporate governance.



The Edinburgh interns were now settling in and had to present their research proposals on Friday. We also had a fascinating lecture on company valuation. On Friday afternoon, we went exploring in the local village. We walked past a local primary school where they were playing cricket on a water-logged pitch with a concrete cricket square. Despite this, they were the happiest bunch of children we have ever seen. They shouted to us and called us over asking us to play with them. We had a fantastic time and it ended up which with Tom batting for his life at the crease (pictured below).