Nerve Wracking Presentations in our Penultimate Week at the Tata Medical Centre!

Suman from Groningen University and Brega from Newcastle tell us about the penultimate week of their internship in Kolkata, working at the Tata Medical Centre. 

With week five just finished, we can’t believe we only have one week left. Last weekend we had lots of work to do on our presentations so didn’t make it out to the city too much however we did manage to find a cinema screening the movie Dunkirk in English, with a ticket costing only £2.50 it was bargain not to be missed! We also enjoyed the experience of standing for the national anthem before the movie started. Sunday night was spend practicing our presentations for Monday morning, making sure they would run within our time limit of 20 minutes.

Monday morning came, with a slightly earlier rise than usual, we all had a few nerves but after our supervisors introduced us and the presentations began all went very smoothly and we actually really enjoyed presenting. It was pretty cool to present in front of the board containing such respected doctors who showed lots of interest in listening to us as they responded following our presentation with many questions. To receive compliments from them after it felt very rewarding. Our supervisors kindly took us out for lunch, to a lovely Chinese restaurant as a bit of a celebration. So all in all it was a good day!

On Tuesday, we got back to work, we tried to finish up on our analysis and decided to aim for finishing all our interviews this week. On Wednesday night, the girls headed out to a yoga class in Salt Lake, the boys thought it wasn’t really their scene so decided to join a little later when we all went for dinner together. Finding a restaurant with lots of Indian character, kind waiters and traditional meditating music we tried out their famous biriyani dish which did not disappoint. Unfortunately, our lovely night ended with a bad uber experience but we made it back to the guest house safe and sound!

We thought bowling on Thursday night would be a fun activity so after finishing up a good spicy guesthouse meal we headed out, but it turns out google opening hours should not be trusted. It was closed. It didn’t stop us exploring the mall, buying some Darjeeling tea and having a cold beer!

Friday came, and we headed back to Techno India University to conduct our final interviews. They went well and it was sad saying goodbye to the University where we were treated so well. We tried out some local food for lunch and were so impressed by the bread oven, it turned out to be really good food and costing us 35p each was an extra bonus! We are excited to enjoy another weekend exploring Kolkata seeing as much as we can!