Interning with FSB…Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!

Cherry, GEO intern from Xiamen University tells us about week 2 of the FSB internship.

We have been working on our project now for two weeks and time is flying by! We have been devoting ourselves to working on the final paper this week and have made great progress which the team are really happy with. Throughout our second week, we identified five GovTech challenges and corresponding recommendations, based on the interviews we have conducted and our data collection. We hosted a video meeting with a representative from Public iO which was extremely insightful and interesting and the group received positive feedback after the call. After the meeting, we assigned tasks to everyone and focused on the work. During our meeting with our Supervisor on Wednesday, we presented the work we have done so far and asked for some suggestions from him. Simon was pleased with the progress we have made and said he was looking forward to our final presentation, which inspired us a lot. Throughout our second week, we also hosted other meetings with senior Newcastle University staff and organised telephone interviews with the Founder of ProxiSmart and the Partnership Development Manager in Sunderland City Council, which were both very useful.  Aside from working hard, our team spirit is growing from strength to strength and  we are having lots of fun together. In all, we had a quite productive and fantastic week and we all look forward to the last week here!

 Student Interns Ivan & Hugo