Fashion Marketing Internship – Trendlistr

Fashion Marketing Internship, Trendlistr

Bursary: £750
Duration: 100 hours to be working during term time 2017-18

Trendlistr is a local fashion e-commerce startup that launched with the help of the Founderships programme in 2016. Trendlistr acts as a digital platform for vintage sellers who seek a curated online space for their product. After gaining press coverage locally, Trendlistr is now looking to expand its social and PR reach to the national press and beyond.

The objectives of this internship are twofold. Firstly, to assist in the creation and conception of marketing content with a focus on social media marketing and visuals. Secondly, to strategize a marketing plan for the expansion of Trendlistr to approach national print media taking into account budgetary restrictions and the importance of continuing to grow our digital presence.

– To write up a marketing strategy and editorial calendar for the next 6 months taking into account traditional PR, digital coverage and social media targets.
– To create a bank of visual content in line with the marketing plan.
– To assist in approaching potential sellers and influencers who may want to work with the platform.

Closing Date: 14/11/2017

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Person Requirements:
– Social Media Marketing/Traditional Marketing experience or expertise
– Public Relations
– Videography/Photography
– Growth Hacking

Prior Experience:
– Prior experience of fashion business is preferred but not required. A personal interest in fashion is essential!
– Experience within a digital business/e-commerce setting is preferred but not required.
– A personal presence online – in the form of blog, curated Instagram account, or other website to demonstrate and understanding of digital media marketing and branding.

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