Week five at SEWA


  This week was different than the previous ones. For more than 5 days, there was heavy raining which resulted in certain transportation and floatation issues. We stayed in most of the days and worked on our RUDI report. The project is going really well as we had a productive meeting this week to decide on the shop design plan which will be feasible, efficient and effective to RUDI.   During our trip to Gambira we met Ms Sudiben who wanted to open her own shop and while interviewing her you could see that she was really motivated to open More >

Our fifth week interning with the Reserve Bank of Idia (RBI)


As we reflect on five weeks spent in India, a number of emotions are evoked. Many we have touched upon in the previous instalments and I fear it would not do to dwell on these. It is however coming towards the time when some among us look to the west, and the impending journey back to our respective homelands to be with our kin. Alas, such thoughts should be pushed to the back of one’s mind, a flicker in the darkness, for we have time enough. Time enough to laugh, time enough to love.     “I can see the More >

Our First Week Interning with the Federation of Small Businesses!


We all came to the Business School on Monday not knowing what the next 3 weeks were going to entail. The day started with a briefing from Simon Hanson, our project supervisor from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) North-East who set the project in motion. Over the next three weeks we will be helping the FSB investigate open data usage, examples of  open data best practice from across the globe and identifying how the FSB can best market a campaign to help the North-East region become recognised as the best region in the UK for its usage of open More >

Discovering Kolkata


If you had asked me a month ago if being away from my family on Eid was going to be challenging, I would’ve doubted it. However, this year was the first year I had been away from my family during Eid. Unfortunately on the last week of Ramadhan, I caught the (almost) compulsory illness one gets when visiting India – food poisoning. While taking a day off work was great for my wellbeing, it also meant I had all the free time to think of all the Eid festivities I would be missing out on such as the food I could More >



Week four began with an early morning train ride to the rural town of Bardoli with our new sister and EDI employee, Mahima Behen.  We would be conducting field research of a proposed blacksmithy cluster with stakeholder interviews and field visits.  Our train arrived in Surat around 10AM where we stopped for some chai before hopping on the bus line that would take us to our destination.   Our ride took us an hour outside the city through sugar cane fields and rice paddies to our accommodation at Suruchi. We were being put up by Mr. Ramkumar, the creator of the More >

Week Four at SEWA: Working with RUDI


This week has been a rather eventful one to say the least. To begin with, we were assigned to a new project which involved assisting a Rudiben to open up her own grocery store in a village located in the District of Anand, called Gambhira. “Rudiben” is a term used to refer to a member of the organisation we currently are stationed at, which is called RUDI.  One of the main concerns in the rural areas of India are farmers getting bullied into selling their crops at ridiculously low prices which leaves them with barely enough profits to survive on.  More >

The end of our Tanzanian Adventure


After four weeks, our internship in Tanzania has come to an end. It has exceeded all the expectations we ever had. On Sunday we were able to hand out football shirts to the boarding school children. Luckily we had 26 shirts and there turned out to be 25 children. My favourites got the Sheffield United and England tops! Although some tops made it look like they were wearing dresses they all seemed very pleased and were hugely grateful. This week has been relatively quiet compared to our previous three weeks. The majority of our time has been spent at the More >

Xiamen: The Last Week


Unsurprisingly, the last week in Xiamen has been emotional. With many tears, it is with a heavy heart that we have to end our internship – but what an experience it has been! After putting all our efforts into report writing for Utrans, finding the best thank-you gifts for colleagues or learning how to use a toilet plunger – it is now time to say bye. Xiamen has been an incredible adventure and I have created some memories that will last a lifetime. In this week alone, we have experienced two wedding proposals in the middle of our office, practically mastered More >

Illicit Cheeseburgers, Monsoon Rains and Self Help Groups: Week 4 at RBI

rbi village visit2

Thirty-four. That is the number of malaria tablets Chris has left, and also how he has been counting down the number of days we have left in Pune.  Since we are only here for 15 more days, Chris has devised a complex formula for calculating how many days remaining, where he takes how many malaria tablets he has and subtracts 19 (he has 19 extra tablets plus another 9 tablets at home as he has to take the malaria tablets for 4 weeks upon arriving home which is 28 days). That should give the days that we have left. The relentless deluge More >

Xiamen: The Newcastle of the East


As we enter the final week of our internship here in Xiamen, we can’t help but feel that we will be leaving such a magnificent city that has brought many memories for us to remember for years to come. It seems like just yesterday that we arrived in this vibrant city where we found ourselves settling in comfortably and quickly. The hospitality we received from our local buddies certainly made us feel more than welcome here. The array of quality and affordable bars and restaurants gave us the impression that this is the ‘Newcastle of the East’. With the amount More >