Pineapple cakes and fruit wine- week three of our Chinese adventure


Aylar provides us with the Xiangyu Group interns account three weeks in to their internship…. Week three at Xiangyu Group has been both challenging and stimulating. As part of the contribution to the development of infrastructure in China, Xiangyu Group imports raw materials and delivers them to companies in China. My project was based on log supply, specifically on how it can be developed and improved. The main current supplier of logs to China is New Zealand, which Xiangyu Group has a good relationship with. Together with my partner Helen, who is one of the top students here in Xiamen University, More >

Second Week and a hectic one in Tel Aviv, Israel

Chuk with other Elevator Interns from all over America

Chuk gives us his account of week two interning for Elevator Fund…. I thought it was not possible to build upon the amount of new things I experienced from my first week, yet unbelievably my second week topped that. It was an interesting week being able to witness first-hand the conflict between Israel and the Hamas. Hearing the sirens and explosions in the skies from the Iron Dome spurred a mixture of danger and curiosity. Although, the country fell into a slight state of unrest, the people particularly in Tel Aviv have reflected a different image. The sight of locals More >

Monsoon, Monkeys and the Mini Taj Mahal

RBI interns at the Mini Taj Mahal

Our Reserve Bank of India interns update us on their second week of the internship… A sweet subtle petrichor suffused the pungent Pune air, heralding the arrival of the much awaited and vaunted deluge that is the monsoon. The mother of all agriculture in India felt its way tentatively across Maharashtra as though embarrassed by its tardiness. The monsoon has one of the most transformative effects on a landscape in the world, transforming a landscape of barren fallowed fields into a lush green carpet and its arrival is eagerly anticipated across all social strata. In many respects the Indian economy More >

Our Global Experience with Xiangyu Group, China-projects under way

Zhung san road 3

Kitae updates us on his experience interning for Xiangyu Group, China so far… Now well into the second week of my internship in China, I could figure out my project clearer. In the first week, we had 4 topic options, in collaboration with four Xiamen University students. Along with four students from Xiamen University, 8 students were formed in pairs to work together on projects. As well as helping each other and joining skills and talents, we had a chance to go and see the Xiangyu Group’s shipment and logistics site in order to provide help with our projects. My project More >

Our Global Experience in Tanzania- back to basics

The Sunset behind Mount Meru.

  Saaira gives us her account of the second week in Tanzania working with the Florentina Foundation… Another sunny week in Tanzania! While enjoying the food, the weather and taking day trips we also managed to get some meaningful research completed. This week was mainly used for gathering information about the activities that the Elizabeth Centre engage in, such as providing primary education, cattle rearing and growing vegetables.  We investigated how these activities affect the economic development of the local community and whether they had a positive or negative effect. Furthermore, we also conducted various interviews with the head teacher More >

Our Global Experience in Malaysia- week 2

Tabitha bird selfie

Second week of work in the SOLS HQ office began with lots of discussion about the previous weekend activities with TESCO. SOLS 24/7 are part of a Ramadan program to encourage food donations. Members of SOLS 24/7 were placed in different TESCO’s around Malaysia and asked to promote food donations to help the poor and underserved.  We heard everyone’s experiences about collecting hundreds of kg’s of food. Louise has been gathering all pictures that the staff managed to take with the food donors and creating a photo booklet. They have also been giving stories to the big newspaper here in More >

Our Global Experience- SEWA and selfies

A few workers asked for a photo, so I took a selfie

Jamie Kim, a Boston University Student who is taking part in the GEO internship at SEWA provides an account of her second week in India…   The first few days here were quite chaotic. I now feel that I have settled in and am able to write about the work I am doing here in Ahmedabad at SEWA, the Self-Employed Women’s Association. During the first week, SEWA gave the interns an orientation and introduction to some of the different sectors and their respective offices. SEWA was established in 1972 and has more than 1.3 million women members who seek stability More >

Our Global Experience internship (EDI)-let the field work commence

After a long 42 hour train ride!

Once we arrived Varanasi, we made our way to our guest-house surrounded by picturesque scenery. After witnessing our first ever Indian power-cut, we became very settled in our guest-house.   On our first day of work we met our employers who work with the Producer Company Limited. The company works with weavers in three clusters around Varanasi. We had a very productive first day where we visited one of the three handloom clusters; Kotwa. We were amazed to find out that this rural village was made up of 30,000 weavers! Although our first day of work was challenging, it proved More >

Our Tanzanian Experience at the Florentina Foundation, based at the Elizabeth Centre, Tanzania

Florentina Foundation (2)

Elizabeth Centre was founded by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Charles Borromeo in 2005. It contributes to the local communities in various ways, including nursery and primary school education, vocational training as well as social services. The purpose of our visit was to conduct research on the impact of the centre on local communities, and how the centre can assist economic development. Compared to other GEO programmes, our internship is unique as it is four weeks of pure field study. We landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport late in the evening and we felt the humidity in the air as soon as we More >

First Week of My Global Experience Adventure in Tel Aviv, Israel


My arrival in Tel Aviv was welcomed warmly starting from a conversation with the cab driver to meeting my colleagues from Boston University, who were patiently waiting for me in the hostel at 3AM. The fact I live in a hostel, people have the impression it would be uncomfortable, dirty, musty and cheap; I do not shy from admitting I had a similar perception. Yet, quite frankly my first week has been far from what I had anticipated. During my stay, it has been a cosy place with a stunning back garden, where we have watched the world cup games More >