A fond farewell to our global experience opportunity in Tanzania

FF Group

Junxi and Saaira give us there final instalment of their Tanzanian internship adventure… We can’t believe that we have been in Tanzania for a month now, the time has truly flown by! This week was mainly used for finishing and editing our report that focuses on local economic development in rural areas in Tanzania. We added photos and read through the report and overall, we are happy with the finished product. As usual, we have taken a few day trips too! We visited Moshi which is a city 35km away from where we were staying in Kolila Village. While there, More >

The novelties of the dessert- our Tanzanian experience, week three

Florentina Foundation Interns

Junxi updates us of week three of the Tanzania internship… After two weeks hard work the third week began with an amazing trip to the most wonderful place I have ever seen in my life. On the way to our destination, we passed through a vast desert, which was characterised by bizarre trees and lovely birds. The journey was full of screams and excitement as we were frequently impressed by the novelties of the desert. While we were longing for more to see, the driver suddenly pulled over, and in front of us, there was an oasis! A hot spring, surrounded More >

Workplace restructures and an airplane ride to Langkawi- week three in Malaysia

Malaysia rocks

Our third week here in Malaysia was another full of adventure. We had Tuesday off as it was a public holiday, formally known as Nuzul Al Quran, a day during the month of Ramadan that celebrates the Islamic Holy Book. For our free day, a group of us from SOLS 24/7 headquarters made our way to a 7 tier waterfall in Rawang, A two and a half hours train journey from the city of Kuala Lumpur. It took about an hour to climb our way up through the jungle on a trekking path to the top of the falls, where it was More >

The lesson of “Udyogsahsikta”-business courage. Week three at SEWA

The SEWA interns at the private temple Akshardam

Su, A Boston University student on the GEO internship programme writes about her third week in India…. This week at SEWA has been a fascinating learning experience. The SEWA unit I work for is called the SEWA Manager ni School. Like its name says, it provides the members of the organization basic lessons on different aspects of business and the economy that will help them better manage their micro enterprises. The difference between this school and any other management school is that its target audience includes literate, semi literate as well as illiterate women. All of them, however, are still More >

Leaving Varanasi loaded with silk- week three of our EDI adventure

Bradley Varanasi

Bradley tells us about Addison and his final few days conducting research in Varanasi before heading back to Ahmedabad and the EDI campus…   Our last days in Varanasi were challenging but very productive. After finalizing our objectives and completing the last of our interviews, we spent our last day touring Varanasi. The tour was a great way to see Varanasi and the surrounding area. We started by seeing a temple dedicated to Gandhi that included a stunning 3D map of India in the middle of the temple. After purchasing more souvenirs that weren’t necessary we headed to a handicraft More >

Our Indian adventure- the half way point

RBI visit

  Courtney tells us what the RBI interns have been up to in week three of their Indian adventure: Week 3 of our internship passed in a blur of work, curries and another interesting field trip. On Wednesday afternoon we began our 700km round trip to Ratnagiri, a successful district in Maharashtra. After a 6 hour drive we arrived at what we would describe as the Indian equivalent of Centre Parcs, a quiet set up of guesthouses subtly placed into the landscape. We were welcomed by a traditional Ratnagiri dinner, including an ‘interesting’ pink drink, apparently drank to aid digestion. More >

Trains, temples and trekking-our two weeks conducting fieldwork for the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Chanderi Handiloom clusters

Alex and Jordan have been conducting fieldwork in the rural area of Chanderi as part of their first few weeks interning at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. On their return to the comforts of the EDI accommodation, they provide us with an update of their time researching the Chanderi Handloom Cluster… Chanderi Week 1: Orientation After a 16 hour train ride through Gujurat and Rajastan, we had arrived in Chanderi at around 2 pm. We had done some preliminary research beyond and beyond the illustrious handloom industry, we had found that the town is actually part of the Jain More >

Leaving with a storm-our final week in China, Xiangyu Group

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Thomas gives us the Xiangyu Group quartets experience as their time in China comes to an end… After four rather long working weeks, we have concluded our internship at Xiangyu group in Xiamen, which we have all thoroughly enjoyed. I have taken a lot from this experience, mainly in respect to experiencing a different culture and how to connect with the Chinese people, without understanding the language. I think we all are looking forward to resting up for the next few days and enjoying our last few days in Xiamen I was rather fortunate in that I was assigned Gu as More >

Pineapple cakes and fruit wine- week three of our Chinese adventure


Aylar provides us with the Xiangyu Group interns account three weeks in to their internship…. Week three at Xiangyu Group has been both challenging and stimulating. As part of the contribution to the development of infrastructure in China, Xiangyu Group imports raw materials and delivers them to companies in China. My project was based on log supply, specifically on how it can be developed and improved. The main current supplier of logs to China is New Zealand, which Xiangyu Group has a good relationship with. Together with my partner Helen, who is one of the top students here in Xiamen University, More >

Second Week and a hectic one in Tel Aviv, Israel

Chuk with other Elevator Interns from all over America

Chuk gives us his account of week two interning for Elevator Fund…. I thought it was not possible to build upon the amount of new things I experienced from my first week, yet unbelievably my second week topped that. It was an interesting week being able to witness first-hand the conflict between Israel and the Hamas. Hearing the sirens and explosions in the skies from the Iron Dome spurred a mixture of danger and curiosity. Although, the country fell into a slight state of unrest, the people particularly in Tel Aviv have reflected a different image. The sight of locals More >