FSB Interns: The Final Week


Our final week was a busy and exciting one.  Monday started with a trip to Ignite, a pre seed start-up organisation that invests in tech companies before they gain investment. Ignite helps the companies with networking and offers them an office to work from. This was especially useful for the project as a lot of the companies there were using or had utilised open data in some form. Moreover, it was great to meet some entrepreneurs and ask them about running and starting a business. After our meeting the Newcastle students took the Xiamen students to Blakes café and introduced them to a More >

FSB Interns: Week 2


This week our intrepid interns really knuckled down when it came to their report – whilst also keeping a healthy work life balance. After finishing the research into how different UK regions use open data on Monday the group split in to 3 teams. Asif, Yawen and Zhouqi headed the marketing taskforce, James and Dandan undertook the data analysis section and James and Jack were in charge of proof reading, formatting and adding conclusions and an executive summary to the already extensive report. On Tuesday following a hard day’s work the gang headed to the Hancock Museum for a blast of history More >

Ahmedabad: Looking Back


I am struggling to find words to express how I am truly feeling at this very moment. Today is our last day at EDI, our last day in Ahmedabad, our last day together as a whole group. We started this internship as nine individuals but are now ending it as a family. I recall my first interaction with the guys on my first evening in Ahmedabad back in our dining hall. It was very easy for me to adjust to the Indian lifestyle with them around as they too were looking to get used to the environment and so we More >

India: Some Thoughts


For quite some time since I have been pondering on some questions in life. Here, in India, every moment gives me the room and freedom to nurture my mind with further about life. I guess that’s why they call India incredible. Nothing here is impossible. Despite the modernisation that has reshaped the country  I still see an ancient India. So powerful it is that I could not help but see how a 5000-year civilisation has shaped India into what she is today. I see my friend, Jugmohan, the kitchen boy, who silently collects our plates and cups after our meal. He never interacts More >

Week 5: Our last few days interning at EDI

George, Tony, Ravi, Dhaval

As we start our final week at EDI, I feel that the feelings around the group are quite mixed. To an extent, we’re all quite tired of being “stuck” on campus, and we’re looking forward to going on our travels. On the other hand, the time here has flown by, and we all want to savour the last few days we have together. A couple of weeks ago, George and I spent around a week in a city called Baroda, (2 hours south of Ahmedabad). There, we did the bulk of the research work for our project. We interviewed around More >

Week 5: A few days left working at EDI


Time flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re visiting twenty-two small scale industrial facilities, interviewing their owners, drawing conclusions, and proposing solutions for their problems. About two weeks ago, my partner, Tony Marinov, and I returned to Baroda to conduct our research assignment. Before departing, we designed a nearly fifty-question, thorough questionnaire attempting to analyse all the issues surrounding access to finance and employment within the Makarpura Industrial Cluster. While our un-air conditioned, barbed wire enclosed office space was not a luxurious accommodation during our time in the field, this time we were expecting it. Even though I’ve spent More >

The great words of DE LA SOUL

in Bishnupur

In the great words of DE LA SOUL, 3 really is the magic number. Three chapattis; the struggle faced when cutting down my daily consumption to a mere three chapattis. Three Pepto-Bismol pills; popping three of these guys to try and settle the mild Delhi belly. Three working days; until Ilia and I have to make our final presentation to staff at TMC. As our internship draws to a close and our projects near completion, we have spent the working week writing up reports and planning presentations. Frankie and Adibah are well under way with their project, and working long More >

Week 5 at SEWA


This week was different to previous ones. For more than 5 days, there was heavy rain which resulted in numerous transportation issues. Most days we stayed in and worked on our report for RUDI. The project is going really well as we had a productive meeting this week to decide on the shop design plan which will be feasible, efficient and effective for RUDI. We also went on a trip to local village Gambira, where we met Ms Sudiben who wanted to open her own shop. While we were interviewing her you could see that she was really motivated to More >

RBI Reflections: Week 5


As we reflect on five weeks spent in India, a number of emotions are evoked. Many we have touched upon in the previous instalments and I fear it would not do to dwell on these. It is however coming towards the time when some among us look to the west, and the impending journey back to our respective homelands to be with our kin. Alas, such thoughts should be pushed to the back of one’s mind, a flicker in the darkness, for we have time enough. Time enough to laugh, time enough to love. “I can see the Shire. The More >

Our First Week Interning with the Federation of Small Businesses!


We all came to the Business School on Monday not knowing what the next 3 weeks were going to entail. The day started with a briefing from Simon Hanson, our project supervisor from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) North-East who set the project in motion. Over the next three weeks we will be helping the FSB investigate open data usage, examples of  open data best practice from across the globe and identifying how the FSB can best market a campaign to help the North-East region become recognised as the best region in the UK for its usage of open More >