Reflecting on my placement year at Garbutt & Elliott

Sam Webb

My name is Sam Webb and I study BSc Economics. I recently completed a one year placement at Garbutt & Elliott Chartered Accountants in York.  I chose to do a placement as I really wanted some work experience in a financial area, an idea of where I would like to start a career after graduation and the chance to move back to my home city for some quality cooked food was also quite appealing.  On my first day I was introduced to the personal tax team where I would be spending the first 5 months of my placement. After being introduced to More >

Summing up our SEWA experience

EDI SEWA group photo

I cannot believe that the internship has finished, I sit here in the EDI campus just a few hours away from my flight home and I am still trying to take it all in. I have had an amazing time, I have met so many wonderful people here, from students and teachers to managers and RUDIben (self-employed women who sell RUDI products).  It has given me a completely new perspective on how businesses can work, and has shown me the true determination and power of the women involved with SEWA and RUDI. I have personally found our last week of More >

“At NUBS, I learnt how to..”

Haritima - At NUBS

It had been almost a year .. and forever since I started my MBA journey. A very eventful twelve months filled and spilling over at the edges with assignments, countless group and Skype team meetings and alternating between elation that I am finally working on my MBA dissertation and kicking myself in the shins as I ask myself why I put myself through grueling stuff like this. It had been a whole new world of knowledge sharing, discovery and growth. It had been a process of seeking to understand and retain knowledge gained and then moving a step further to More >

Summing up our Indian internship experience in one word- people

EDI SEWA Jumping

Addison and Bradley leave us with their lasting thoughts on their time interning in India…. After 4 weeks of background research and conducting interviews in the Varanasi cluster, we had all the information we needed for our 3-year business plan, process documentation* and promotional material. The final 2 weeks of the EDI internship were used to compile all of these documents together. Whilst long days, hectic schedules and a lot of chai were needed to produce these documents, we thoroughly enjoyed our work and were motivated by the fact that these documents could improve the three-handloom clusters under EDI. At the More >

The road less traveled !

Haritima - the road less traveled by

The first two terms have passed by at lightning speed while exploring transition at Newcastle and NUBS! It only seems yesterday that we had our induction week and found all of ourselves a bit wary on what really to expect from this Full-time MBA Programme. Will it be crazy busy? Will I match up to my class mates? How will I ever pass in Accounting and Finance with distinction? Many more questions did go through my head early September last year. Looking back I can say that it is an amazing experience and I found myself blessed with a great More >

Fruitful End to a Wonderful Israeli Summer


Chuk reaches is last few days interning for Elevator Fund in Israel… Well, I guess this is it. Eventually, reached that week where I am writing my ending to this incredible adventure. Just to remind everyone, despite the stories of the press towards the situation in Israel, my experience epitomised the exact opposite. People would be scared to have endured this situation, but to be honest, it built towards a life changing experience that I will learn and improve myself. It was simply an internship that offered valuable lessons and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a foreign country, More >

My placement @Gavurin

Gavurin _ Haritima

  Entering the big wide world of work can be daunting for any person, regardless of age, experience, how nice your employees are and especially when you’re used to the laid back student lifestyle for a while. But for me it has been the best and rewarding experience ever! After completing my placement as Business Development Analyst in North East Access to Finance and now successfully completing one month and still more to go with Gavurin as Business Data Analyst, I feel very fortunate to have been offered this placement; the opportunity to work with the Managing Director, Paul Miller alongside the team More >

Last party of the MBA’14

Haritima - MBA Last Party

    Last Thursday became one of my MBA experiences that I can never forget. Our MBA Programme Director and Secretary provided us all with a farewell party where we can all get together and enjoy our last remaining days of MBA to the fullest. Of course with any group of MBA’s the word ‘party’ is never too far away. The ‘work hard, play hard’ motto must have been created by an MBA student, as it is the two things b-school students do so well. And that day was no excuse. The evening started with the group chat with the More >

Our penultimate week in Malayisa draws to a close…

Malaysian wedding party

Tabitha and Louise are heading into their final week interning for SOLS 24/7, and what a week it was…. This past week in Malaysia has been filled with celebration, as festivities got under way for the wedding of two of our office colleagues. The Hen Party was ‘hip-hop’ themed, which meant that we had to write a rap song to perform as a surprise for the Malaysian bride at the dinner party!  We were also lucky enough to attend the ceremony on Saturday, which gave us the opportunity to dress up in a traditional Malaysian outfit known as a Baju More >

Another fun filled week in the SOLS 24/7 Office, Malaysia

Beach Fire to celebrate Hari Raya

This week was a very special week for everyone in Malaysia! Monday and Tuesday were public holidays for Hari Raya! This is the festival of the breaking of the Fast, celebrated by Muslims. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the day that marks the end of Ramadan – the Islamic holy month of dawn-to-sunset fasting. On this holiday Muslims, (and non-Muslims) travel home to be with their friends and families for a couple of days. From what we have heard, there is usually a lot of food, huge parties and everyone has a very good time! On the Monday and Tuesday a More >