Newcastle University Finance Society London Trip 2015

Finance Society

After being a great success in past years we decided to carry on the tradition and take the Finance Society on a trip to London again this year. We hoped the trip would give students with prospects of entering the financial industry after graduation a first-hand insight into what their day-to-day jobs might be like. Also we aimed to give them the opportunity to network with people in various areas of finance and ask any questions they may have. London, as one of the financial centres of the world, was the perfect place for the experience.   As there are More >

Living responsibly as a student: 4 reasons why I’m a midweek vegetarian

Veggie food

  I’ve been having a bit of a think recently about the impact I’ve been making on the planet, particularly in light of the Green Party’s increasing popularity and with Earth day being celebrated this week. It’s easy to feel that with so much wrong going on in the world in terms of our carbon impact, that one person’s decisions cannot make a difference. I firmly believe this is an incorrect view, and the only thing really holding you back is your own mind. While making the important choice of which Netflix to watch recently (would it be a re run of More >

Newcastle University Entrepreneurs – The 2014/2015 Speaker Series, And A Successful Year In Hindsight


The society’s Speaker Series is an event for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to learn from like-minded individuals with more experience, who have already achieved a high degree of success in their own businesses. Our goal was to create an environment where our audience could explore the speakers’ journeys like they would an open book, analysing and learning from both their successes and failures, while also having the opportunity to ask questions and get specific advice tailored to their own individual case. The event started from one simple idea: if an aspiring entrepreneur duplicates the actions and mind-sets of successful More >

Preparation is not easy, but we enjoy it! (Discover Indonesia)


As one of the biggest students event for Indonesia in the North East Region as well as one of the biggest student cultural event in Newcastle (we hope so cause it is going to be massive!), the preparation is not easy. All of the organising committees (we are a team of young and bright students ) are full time students who voluntarily participate to make the event happen. In addition to balancing the life between assignments, studying and social life, we also have to spare some time to prepare for this events, and it is not easy! We have to More >

Discover Indonesia: Love The People. Love The Culture. Love Indonesia

Discover Indonesia

When people were asked about Indonesia, many of them will reply ‘Bali’. Well, it is not wrong because Bali is located there, but Indonesia is so much more about that. Do you know that we are the largest country in South East Asia and the fifth in the whole world? And do you know that Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the whole world? You may not know before, but now you do! There are quite a lot of Indonesian students studying in Newcastle, and it is a bit disappointing that many people do not know More >

My placement at the Business School

jane - blog post

Hi, I’m Jane Nguyen and I’m currently doing a placement at the Business School. Since starting my Business Management degree I have had the passion and enthusiasm to progress and take up opportunities to develop myself further. In order to facilitate this, I applied and was offered a placement at the Business School. Entering the big wide world of work can be daunting  for any person, regardless of age, experience, how nice your employer is and  especially when you get used to the laid back student lifestyle. But for me it has been the most rewarding experience ever! I am More >

Alumni Relations Officer Internship

rowanne blog 1

My name’s Rowanne and I’m the current Alumni Relations Officer for the Newcastle University Business School.  I’m pretty much a typical Business Management Student and like everyone else I wanted a placement year to boost my CV which at that point only contained a choice selection of awful summer jobs in theme parks and hotels. Unlike my friends I was rather laid back in my application only completing six applications for jobs I was passionate about. My housemate at the time had applied for so many by the time her 15th interview rolled round she was turning up to interviews More >

BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management to Corporate Relations Officer

kormani blog

My name is Kormani Fredericks; I am an international student originally from Liberia but grew up in Kenya. I travelled half way around the world to the United Kingdom in search of a quality, world class education. Brought up with the belief that success is the direct result of hard work, I have always done my best to excel. I worked hard and completed my 1st year of BA (Hons) Economics & Business Management with no resits. I was buzzing and hoped to be able to repeat my success in all the modules in Stage 2. Unfortunately, by the 1st More >

Business School Ball 2015


The Board of Students went all out this week to host the ever fantastic and hugely popular Business School Ball. On Tuesday 10th March, hordes of finely dressed Business School students, support staff, and academics came together at Newcastle’s Civic Centre for a fun night of food, drinks, and celebration. The Ball is the School’s annual event and is a fantastic opportunity for students and staff to come together to enjoy a well-deserved, relaxed, and entertaining evening. This year’s Willy Wonka theme saw the civic centre decked out in balloon candy canes and giant Wonka bars. There was also free More >

Wild Heads – Help us to help animals!

wild heads 1

Hi, I’m Elise and I’m a 2nd year Business Management and Marketing student. Since I started Newcastle University my interest in entrepreneurship has grown to a new level since there is so much support for entrepreneurs and innovation throughout the university. My course has given me a perfect opportunity to experiment with entrepreneurship and innovation by offering an enterprise module, subsequently leading to the creation of my business Wild Heads along with four other talented business students. We created Wild Heads since our team is very creative and we all share a passion of caring for animals and the environment. More >